Signs of the ridiculous


The logo that thrilled a generation, never beaten, in the humble opinion of this correspondant, but here, alas, deprived of its natural sky blue.


An unassuming little street in Wylye, Wiltshire. 


If you've had enough of the squabbling over British beef, here's some other handy hints from British culinary suppliers in Morpeth, Northumbria.



Probably the second worst sign in the world. Timber and hardwood, yes, but what ELSE are they merchants of...? Near Howden Metro, Tyneside.


 This skeletal character was - and perhaps still is? - a familiar character in the window of a medical supplies shop in Newcastle upon Tyne. Occasionally he could also be seen in the passenger seat of their delivery van as it plied its way through the thoroughfares of the metropolis...


The Worst sign in the world, without question. Wootton Bassett Road, Swindon, Wilts.
 Gone are the days, it seems, when light houses were graceful Victorianate towers. This, near Berwick on Tweed, may be graceful enough in its way, but it looks like it would be more likely to menace Dr Who on his travels around the universe.


You must think I go around the world photographing street signs. At least in Prague you know where you are likely to encounter Child Molesters.

... and also a very peculiar type of person crossing the road. Is it Monsieur Hulot , perhaps?

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